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Real Estate Drone Services

The property market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world today thanks to the increasing demand for the same. As such, the competition in this industry is not only stiff but brutal. Marketing real estate property has become tough because of the advancement in technology and the internet. This is why there is need to be creative in this niche. Drones can now be used to collect valuable data and video about a property and help in creating an informative marketing campaign that would create and close new leads. So what are some of the services that drones can offer in the real estate sector?


Real estate drone marketing

Marketing a real estate property is one of the greatest nightmares for realtors. It is no longer business as usual when it comes to creating and crafting a particular niche in the real estate space. Unlike other industries where there is always room for improvement, realtors have to grapple with offering the same thing and making a lot of noise about it. Drones have introduced a new dimension in the real estate marketing space. You no longer need to take single, still shots of your property and go on to do a lot of explaining on how big the property is and some of the unseen amenities that can be found in the area. A single drone shot from the air will capture every detail surrounding the property and help make a case for your deal. With this shot, you will be able to do serious marketing with virtual images that normal cameras would not be able to take.


Real estate drone photography

Real estate photography is a new phenomenon that has taken the industry by storm and it is easy to see why this is the case. By using flying cameras, real estate photographers have a field day in capturing dramatic shots of landscapes, mountains and rooftops together with real seamless fly rounds that show the exact exterior of the property. Drones can help take a breathtaking photo of a property from 200 feet above and then slowly zoom in to show you the intricate details of the property all the way down. With drones, you can also take a dramatic shot of a 500-meters driveway and show potential buyers just how it feels to drive down the driveway all the way to the front door. The best thing about using drones for real estate photography is that it also shows your buyers the exact distance from the property to other amenities such as hospitals and schools.


Real estate drone surveillance

Another important advantage of using drones for your real estate is the fact that you can use the drone just for surveillance. Thanks to the dramatic, bird’s view details of the property being sold or bought, drones can also just be used to show the surrounding area to help the buyer understand his/environment before even moving into the property. Unlike the conventional photos and images taken by other cameras, a drone can even show live images of a given property as it is being shown to a potential client or during prospecting. This makes the drone an important part of the real estate transaction.

Real estate drone services are also relatively cheaper compared to the conventional way of taking photos and shooting videos. It will cost you an average of $1000 for high quality images and videos from the air if you were using a drone and this is way lower than what it would have cost to make still images from a limited vantage point on the ground or using a helicopter to take aerial photos.



The usage of drones for real estate purposes is a new trend in the market that is fast growing in the industry. Not only is it cheap but also gives you superior shots and helps build your marketing portfolio, especially if you are a real estate agent.