9 Best Places to Fly Drones in Florida

drones in florida

Florida is one of the best places to visit and holiday. It does not only come with some of the best sandy beaches but it also features the best sunny weather you can have in the United States. This is why it is among the best places you can fly your drone thanks to the great views you will ever get especially from 400 feet.

1. Panama City beach

Panama City beach

The Panama City beach is one of the best beaches in Southern United States. It features some great white sands and it is 43 kilometers long. It has a high population of people especially during summer time when thousands of high school and college students flock the beach. However, when flying your drone over this great beach, be sure to stick to the 400 feet rule and avoid contact with the population at all cost as it may pose a great risk on them.

2. Naples, Florida

Naples, Florida

Naples is one of the wealthiest cities in the United States with some residential homes going for more than $40 million. It has some very beautiful beaches and is home to a variety of wildlife refuges which makes it a very popular destination for tourists and other visitors. Being that it is highly populated, it is important to keep your drone away from people to avoid any accidents or incidents. However, you can be sure of some of the best scenes and shots you have ever gotten from a drone.

3. Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island

This island is connected to the mainland by a causeway and is located off the Gulf of Mexico. It is quiet and serene with wildlife refuges taking up much of the space in the islands. It is frequented by families who want to relax and unwind. It is home to less than 7000 residents which makes it a prime place to fly your drone. You are sure to get some of the best beach shots from above and if you are lucky you can capture a few game shots of the wildlife.

4. Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale

This is a popular cultural center located some 3 miles north of Miami Beach. Residents refer to it as the “American Venice”. This city has several tourist destinations including marinas, museums and even golf courses. Additionally, the city harbors one of the biggest cruise chip ports and if you are lucky, you will capture a glimpse of some of the world’s largest cruise ships departing the port from above.

5. Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach

This beach is separated from the Clearwater city by the Intracoastal Waterway. It is one of the best beaches in Florida. Besides the normal beach activities, you will have access to some activities such as fishing, kayaking and even dolphin tours when flying your drones here. You will be able to capture a few people enjoying themselves from 400 feet above. Being a highly populated area, ensure you keep the drone away from people to avoid any accidents that may arise.

6. Everglades


The best thing about Everglades is that it has few people living around the area and contains vast areas covered in swamps, tropical jungles and a mangrove complex. Most of the area around the Everglades is protected under the Everglades national park but you will be able to see a variety of birds, reptiles and fishes in this area. Being a scarcely populated area, you have the advantage of flying your drone closer to the ground for even better shots at all times.

7. The Tampa Bay Area

The Tampa Bay Area

The Tampa Bay area is found on the Gulf of Mexico and is home to some of the best roller coaster rides in Florida. It also houses some of the best zoos in Florida that have animals from the Serengeti Plains in Africa. It has a white sandy beach which was even named the best beach in the United States and the fifth best in the world. Flying a drone over this area guarantees you the best shots and footage from above all year round.

8. Orlando


Orlando is popularly known as a theme park city because it apparently has more theme parks than any other place in the world. You will have access to Walt Disney world, Gator Park and SeaWorld just to name a few. Because of this, there is a high influx of people in this area which means you have to be extra cautious with your drone when flying over this area. However, rest assured that you will have the best footage and shots from this area.

9. Florida Keys

Florida Keys

You cannot leave Florida if you have not visited the Florida Keys. This is a 120 mile long series of islands that are connected to the mainland by bridges. The Seven Mile Bridge is the most famous bridge here which has been used in a variety of films including the Fast 2 Furious movie. Florida Keys also offers sites and museums and a botanical garden which means you will be spoilt for choice when flying your drone over this area. It is not densely populated which means you have a chance to fly even lower in order to take the best shots.