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Drones have become one of the most widespread technologies. They are today used in almost all sectors from filming, military, agriculture, and many other areas. This is the main reason why you will see them almost everywhere in society. Although they haven’t been widespread in household usage, they are still part of us.

This technology hit the market a long time ago but only became widespread in 2010. Known as unmanned aerial vehicles, they can carry communication information, digital imaging technologies, and several other components.

You may think that they have been here for a short period of time but the fact is that the first drone was introduced during WWI. Since they are now part of us, they carry many pros and cons that we are going to discuss here;


Pros of drones in society:

1. They promote a safer environment for everyone-They have been used in different ways to enhance the security of people. The cameras installed can monitor the traffic and give useful information.

2. They are affordable-Buying drones and maintaining them is not an expensive endeavor. For this reason, they have been widely available to help people even in the streets.

3. Job opportunities-This technology has created many jobs over time. There are chances that a drone operator and an interpreter will be needed.

4. There are chances of increased development in the future-We expect that this technology will be very advanced in the future helping people further.

5. It offers new ways to see the world-When the cameras are equipped on the drone, they can provide clear aerial images and videos that give people another way to see the world.

6. It helps explore unexplorable areas-Now that a drone can be unmanned, they can be used to explore dangerous areas of the forests and caves.

7. The technology is fun– There’s some fun in using drones to gather information. This is not a major benefit but many people use them for fun.

8. Drones can save lives-In cases of fire and other natural disasters, they can be used to discover and save a life. As a matter of fact, they are used to locate stranded and injured people where now help can be initiated immediately.

9. They support law enforcement-Drones can be used to secretly survey an area and to some extent find lost people. As a matter of fact, police today are using them for tactical surveillance.

10. They streamline agriculture management-Sometimes drones can be used to spray plants and detect where there is pest infestation. With that information, the farmer is able to respond swiftly.


Cons of drones in society:

Besides the above benefits of drones, there are some cons that are the reason why technology is seriously managed by the government and other organizations. Here are some of its cons in society.

1. The technology can be misused-In some areas, drones are used for law enforcement but some people are using them to privately spy on other people and their properties. The technology can as well be misused in many other ways.

2. The technology operates on a legal ”gray area”. What is trying to mean is that the laws and the policies that are managing this technology are still being developed.

3. The technology has a poor public reputation– In most areas especially Africa and Asia, people are very skeptical when a drone is flying close to them. It makes people feel insecure rather than safe.

4. The technology has limited access-Drones especially those advanced drones that are only available in developed countries. This means that technology is not being widely used in most parts of the world.

5. There are many accidents– The technologies is quite prone to accidents which can mean loss of one’s investment or severe damages to property.

6. The technology can interfere with nature-Over the years, we have seen a couple of incidents where drones are attacked by animals even in mid-flights which poses a risk to the animal.

7. The technology has many legal issues to consider-In some areas, it’s illegal to use a private drone. This is the reason because there are many different actions of the drone users that can interfere with someone’s privacy.

8. The technology has limitations-The drones have some considerations and limitations that must be checked before someone invests.

9. It’s an expensive investment-drones are very expensive which is the reason why they are not widely available in many areas of the world.

10. Training– To operates a drone, someone needs special training which is very limited in many areas of the world.

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