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Any system has advantage and disadvantage and Drones can not be exceptional. Drones are aircraft devices that are capable of flying and carrying materials above the ground. The formal name of the device is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). These devices are part of unmanned aircraft system (UAS). The components of these devices are communication systems, a ground-based controller, and unmanned aerial equipment. The controllers of an unmanned aerial vehicle can be both either an automated set of computers or a human operator. Drones provide useful missions to prevent injuries, accidents, and hazards when it involves navigating in an environment that is not suitable for human survival. Today, drones are now undergoing a commercialization process because it is now being manufactured and produced by technological and logistics companies around the world.

Advantages : Drones are very popular because mass media networks patronize its functionality and efficiency when capturing videos and images. You will notice that drones are common in touristy areas due to travel blogger promotions. Video bloggers use drones to further increase the popularity of their videos; hence, promoting the device to other new vloggers. Travel companies use drones to maximize the tourism potential of an area that is popular to all tourists.

Disadvantages: There are concerns or troubles in drones that affects user’s navigation routine. A local government unit sometimes restricts the use of drones when there is an ongoing military conflict. Drones are also blocked from entering a restricted zone such as military facilities that are conducting experimentation and active military training inside their camps. These growing restrictions prompts drone users to consider the rules and regulations of drone usage to a certain area so that they will not be subjected to either ethical or legal violations. User violators are at risk for legal apprehension that could mandate them to pay for financial compensation or imprisonment for several days if caught violating laws.


drone advantage and disadvantage

Advantages of Drone Technology – List:

clip_image002[4]Drones can Fly: Drones were usually land dwelling devices as their function are only limited on land navigation. Today, a flying drone is the new face of aerial technologies that are easily operated by any individual. A user launches the elevation of from the ground through a push-button technology to activate the propeller engine to air lift itself from the ground to reach the vast atmosphere above. Drones can visualize the horizon as they rise higher into the atmosphere while human users control them. Flying is a dominating characteristic of an object because it has the capacity to rise above the land by means of elevating the device from the ground.

clip_image004[4]Used as Logistics: Transportation corporations and online retail companies are opting for drone as part of their logistics, which is an innovative way to elevate the level up the quality of their services to their clients. Amazon and EBay are now considering a new futuristic service such as using drones to improve product delivery systems that improve their operational framework. One main reason is to lessen expenditures when transporting a certain product from one place to another. Logistic drones can reach their consumers faster than the traditional human-powered delivery of goods and services.

clip_image006[4]Saves Time: Drones are very convenient for users who want to save more time while covering a scene and navigating above the ground. With just a push of a button, users can already fly the drone and start recording moving images to its surroundings in a lesser time. Users will no longer have to wait for a photographer, cameraman, and digital artist to accomplish the job just to record images or carry a material. All recorded media clips are easily transferred to either of your internal and external data storage units. This is to ensure that the clips are secured in a storage unit from an exploitation or leakage from unauthorized third party users without wasting time.

clip_image008[4]Drones Require Less Effort: When users intend to capture a photo or video, drones provide a better accessibility than the traditional camera to lessen effort. Drones are smaller and more convenient than the traditional large cameras, which require your whole body to carry the camera just to capture images and videos. The only thing that a user must consider is to virtually operate their mobile device attached to the control system of the drone. You can use the drones for a longer period of time because it does not cause any fatigue to the body while navigating the environment and recording important clips from the surroundings.

clip_image010[4]Live Streaming: Drones are common for live streaming events, especially when there are important occasions that are currently scheduled for a particular day. You can fly the drone to the area where there is a high concentration of individuals, groups, or organizations that are present in a certain event. There is no restriction for any drones to cover a live event, which makes every user have the opportunity to make an update of their daily lives, professional affairs, and business meetings. Images captured by the drone can be published to blogs, streaming sites, and social media networks.

Disadvantages of Drone Technology – List:

clip_image012[4]Shorter Lifespan: Even though drones are convenient, the lifetime is shorter than the traditional cameras that are used to capture images or any media file before uploading on social media, blogs, or documents. The life span has an average of at least four hours applied by most drones because the batteries designs are smaller that does not to last for more than four hours. Users are reminded of the time whenever they use the drones to record videos or to provide a better way to make updates on their current activities.

clip_image014[4]Vulnerable to Wild Animal Attacks: When flying drones to an area that has a large concentration of wild animals, the device is often considered creatures. Larger flying animals such as eagles are usually the main culprit when as they usually attack or capture drones while navigating the atmosphere and taking important photos or videos. Video bloggers will already know when their drones suddenly disappear. Vloggers will eventually find out that their drones appear in the nest of eagles or any flying creature that took the drone while flying across the atmosphere.

clip_image016[4]Easily Hacked: Hackers can easily invade the main control system of the drones, replacing the original users as the new drivers or controllers of the device. The network and control systems of drones contain vital information that is essential for hackers to sneak without the knowledge of the original user. After obtaining private information, hacker starts to corrupt the file to prevent any traces of intrusion. When users attach their social media profile directly to the control systems of the drone, all confidential information becomes vulnerable, allowing unauthorized third parties to sneak confidential files.

clip_image018[4]Spying: When the criminal elements use drones to fulfill their criminal intents, their targeted victims are now vulnerable to privacy invasion. If the users launch their drones into the atmosphere, the loud propeller sounds are no longer noticeable to any land creature and will not know that they are now constantly watched. Aerial drones are sometimes equipped with heat and night sensors to detect any signs of life, which can easily target the person who is currently the individual of interest by an institution or group. The drones will record the regular routine and to observe any suspicious actions without the authorization of the person who is the target of interest by an individual, group, or authorities.

clip_image020[4]Risk of Atrocities: In history, there are multiple drones that mistakenly fire arsenals to civilians, causing a significant number of fatalities, injuries, and damage to properties affecting a certain area. Freak accidents affect other comrades, especially when military personnel experience a technical malfunction to bombard militants with rockets. This means that the drones are still in the process of development to ensure that it can prevent future accidents or hazards that affect human lives whenever the device is suspended across the atmospheric horizons above the ground during a battle.

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