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Recreational drones are drones that are not used for any particular professional purpose. They are mostly bought to be used for fun and for training purposes. Most recreational drones do not come with special features installed on them. They have very basic features that play basic roles meant for beginners. There are some advantages and disadvantages that come with recreational drones. Here are a few of them.


They are small: Recreational drones are smaller in size hence come with limited capabilities in terms of what they can carry and how far they can fly.

They are easy to maintain: Recreational drones are usually made of simple structures which makes it quite easy to maintain in case they break down.

They are simple to use: Recreational drones are made for non-experts who have limited skills of operating a drone. They are therefore simple to use and come with easy-to-follow commands.

They are lightweight: Recreational drones are lightweight because of their small size which means they can easily be carried from place to place and are also easy to deploy.

They can capture high quality images: Some recreational drones come with powerful cameras that allow them to capture very powerful images whenever they are deployed.

They are easily deployable: Because they are small and lightweight, they are quite easy to deploy and can be used by even first time drone user.

They are precise: The beauty of drones is that they are precise and have very little chance of error whenever they are deployed.

They can be flown indoors: Recreational drones are small in size and are made of relatively lightweight materials which make it possible to be flown indoors with very limited space.

They are cheap: Recreational drones are usually cheap and affordable since most of them are meant for beginners.

They are versatile: Recreational drones are not limited to only a single use. They can be put to several uses including photography and surveying.

They are fun: Recreational drones are intuitive and fun to use. They are simple to use and are lightweight which makes it easy for any user including beginners.

They are easy to fix: Whenever they crash or break, recreational drones are simpler to fix than the professional drones made of very complex accessories.


They are lightweight: Recreational drones are relatively lightweight and this means that they can easily break when they crash.

They lack special features: Recreational drones are mainly used for recreational purposes and for fun hence lack any special features that may be used by professionals.

They have limited usage: Recreational drones are mainly used for recreational or fun purposes and not for any other purpose.

They are made of light materials: Recreational drones are mostly made of very light materials that are cheap and hence easily breakable.

They have limited flight time: Most recreational drones have a limited flight time due to the small batteries attached to them.

They cannot be used for professional purposes: Recreational drones are mainly used by learners and beginners for fun and for learning purposes and not for professional purposes.

They have limited flight range: Recreational drones cannot fly for long distances and have very limited flight time which means they may not fly for long.

They can easily crash and break: Because of the lightweight materials used in their design, recreational drones can easily crash and break.

Some are costly: Some recreational drones have more advanced features and slightly bigger than the average drones. They are therefore more expensive even though they may not offer any special purposes or uses.

Most lack accessories such as camera: Most recreational drones lack accessories such as cameras because of their small nature. They are plain with very minimal accessories.

They require licensing in some jurisdictions: Recreational drones, although used mainly for fun, require that you have a license to fly them in some jurisdictions which may be cumbersome.

Some require special skills to fly: Although they are simple in design, some recreational drones may require the pilot to have some level of experience before flying them.

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