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Drones have been brought by the new technology and it has improved on the aerial survey and also an easy and enjoyable task when it comes to photographic work. Dronefly has been favored by many people because it needs no man to be on it for it to work, hence unmanned aerial vehicle or unmanned aircraft. Drones essentially work by being remotely controlled by through software-controlled flight plans in their embedded systems working in conjunction with onboard sensors and GPS through the advanced technology. Dronefly is used for various purposes examples include, remote sensing, and commercial aerial surveillance, natural resources like oil surveillance, disaster relief, real estate, and construction survey, security and spying survey and for recreational use. Dronefly brings the whole happiness when it comes to recreational services as it enables people to adventure and tour places physically and more so through media making it most enjoyable.


Best places to fly drones in Melbourne;

1. Bells Beach: Bells beach, in the great ocean road in Melbourne is a well-known beach where drones fly are mostly used to view the whole side of the beach. Images of the satellites taken by Drone fly enables interested people to have a good view through media of the beach as most parts of the beach cannot be accessed by moving to it. The beach is bordered by the high wall of the dry land and it also has risky and deep beach chores. The thick bordering forest is also seen clearly using drone fly.

2. Morning ton Peninsula: Morning ton peninsula is one of the well-known beautiful water borders in Melbourne. Dronefly gives a clear and close view of the beach which is being bordered by great settlements and the forest near the beach. Dronefly also shows beautiful sand on the beach around the ocean shores. Images by satellites from the shores of the ocean show deep length while approaching the beach ends

3. Wilson Promontory National Park: Drone fly is widely used by both tourist and local visitors in Wilson Promontory national park by giving closer sight of the thick forest, both small and big wild animals in the park, drone fly also enables the view of the beautiful beach in the park. Aquatic creatures are also easily surveyed with the help of drone fly.

4. Bathing Boxes Brighton beach: Drone fly shows clear sight of the beautiful beach of Brighton in Melbourne with classic bathing boxes. The drone fly also shows the well-planned settlements bordering the Brighton beach with the surrounding forested region which gives the beach calm weather. A clear view of the sand on the beach is also seen.

5. Pink Lake: Pink Lake, west Gate Bridge is one of the unique water bodies in Melbourne. Drone gives a clear view of the pink lake which is almost an oval in shape with storing pink water. The view also shows the surrounding forested arear and also the plantation near the pink lake. Satellite images taken by drones fly shows that the lake is on the island surrounded by a large ocean.

6. City sight: City sight from the port of Melbourne is clearly shown in the images and videos recorded by satellites using the drone fly giving a beautiful view to look at. The view shows the port with well-planned latest building designs with well-planned road networks in the city. Dronefly also shows good sight of the water body bordering the city port together with a beautiful beach with forested surroundings.

7. Great ocean road: Images are shown by satellites taken by drone fly of the Great Ocean roadshows a clear sight of the road along the great ocean. Dronefly shows the long way road passing through a thick forest bordering the great ocean and this makes this road a unique way in Melbourne. Between the great ocean and the road, drone clips and images show a beautiful sandy beach which makes these places best to fly drones in Melbourne.

8. The Psalms, St Kilda Esplanade: St Kilda Esplanade is a great artistic town in Melbourne. Images taken by satellites using the drones fly shows the great statues in St Kilda which makes it one of the best places to fly drones in Melbourne because of its adventurous artistic precise look. The view from a drone shows well-planned city-building management with good networking means of transport in the city. Dronefly also shows green vegetation around the city which gives it a nice look and very attractive.

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  1. Also can’t fly a drone at the landmarks along the Great Ocean Road. There were a lot of signs and can get fined if caught 😢.

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