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Many of the drone manufacturers have actually taken ideas from Sci-Fi movies and actualized them to what we know now as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, commonly known as drones. Below are some of the best private and public companies that are known for their impeccable design and development of drones.


1. DJI Innovations

DJI Innovations

This company has its headquarters in Shenzhen city in China but has several offices around the world including USA, South Korea, Beijing and The Netherlands. It is currently the leading manufacturer of drones in the world with a market control of over 70 percent. Amongst its best drone model is the Phantom series that is known the world over and used by both hobbyists and professionals thanks to its technological advancement. Link:


2. AeroVironment


AeroVironment is mainly known for its design for drones that are best suited for military purposes. Most of their drones are best for video surveillance and tactical operations. However, they have recently ventured into building of commercial drones with their debut model known as Quantix coming out in 2016. It is a relatively small company but best for both civilian and military drones and this works for everyone. Link:


3. Ambarella


Most people know this company for designing chips for GoPro cameras but they have recently ventured into designing and manufacturing video processing chips for most drone companies. They mostly do their business with DJI. In their recent company update, the company insinuated that they are venturing into designing of high quality video cameras for drones that can record up to 8K video quality. It is a small company that is fast growing to become one of the leading drone chips supplier in the world. Link:


4. Boeing


Most people would associate Boeing with commercial flights but this company is a major player in the design and manufacture of medium-sized military drones. It mainly does this through its subsidiary company known as Insitu. Their most popular product is the Boeing ScanEagle that was launched in 2004. The ScanEagle does not require a runway to launch and has been used by the military since 2004. Link:


5. Parrot


Parrot is another big drone company that manufactures high-end drones in the industry. It is best known for its design of the Bebop drone that has won many accolades across the internet thanks to its great battery life and powerful motors that can hold the drone airborne at great altitudes. Besides drones, the company also diversifies in other consumer goods such as smartphone parts. Link:


6. Yeneec Elelctric aviation

Yeneec Elelctric aviation

Yuneec started off as an innovative company in the aviation industry before it ventured fully into the world of drones. They developed their fast commercial UAV that was a complete success and then eventually transitioned into a fully-fledged drone manufacturer. At the beginning of 2017, they developed the Typhoon H520 that was meant for purely commercial applications. Link:


7. Flytrex


Just as the name suggests, Flytrex is known for the development and delivery of bespoke commercial drone solution for companies around the world. They specialize in developing and delivery of high-end delivery drones that can carry small objects from one point to another. They employ the use of cloud technology to store flight data that is required during flight. Its drones have messenger applications that allow users to track all their deliveries. Link:


8. Hubsan


Hubsan is among the world’s leaders in the manufacture of both medium-sized and high-end drones both for commercial and military purposes. Their starter quadcopters, the X4 series are among the best in the market and are featured as one of the best for beginners. Link:


9. Sky Viper

Sky Viper

Sky Viper, as the name suggests, creates drones for aerial surveillance and recreational purposes. In fact, one of their tag lines is “Serious Performance, Serious fun”. For this reason, it mainly ventures into military and commercial drones. Their drones come with a flight simulation app that helps users learn how to handle the drone virtually first before getting on the real thing. Link:

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