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The police department use drones at work and on the field. The police drone’s primary purpose is to solve an ongoing criminal investigation. Police officers use drones to record footage to the assigned area. You will observe that there are policemen who fly drones to the atmosphere when surveying the scene.

Drones are helpful surveillance material to the police department. All recorded footage that drone record provides a vital clue to solve a criminal activity or incident. Police officers determine the person, incident, time, and the place during a criminal investigation. After analyzing the footage, police officers keep the media clip for future legal purpose.

Police departments around the world require police officers to use drones in all operations. The purpose is to intensify the law enforcement activities while on duty. The recorded footage is stored in a database for legal purposes.

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Pros of Police Drones:

1. Record Incidents: Police enforcers are required to record all footage when conducting an investigation. A drone provides a live monitoring action when police officers respond to a criminal incident. Videos and photos are stored in the drone memory.

2. Provide Hard Evidence: Recorded videos are important for police officers when responding a criminal incident. Video recorded from a crime scene acts as a concrete evidence to prove a criminal act. The footage helps court personnel to decide if justice is attainable to the victim.

3. Improves Police Performance: Police drones improve the function of law enforcement personnel. Recorded scenes increase the investigative accuracy to police operations. Police officers gain more trust and cooperation due to the presence of recorded videos.

4. Documentation: Police operations need drones to document the whole scene of the crime. Documented media clips are used for a future legal purpose during the investigation. An example is when the case requires court proceedings in local courts.

5. Prevents Authority Abuse: Police officers are usually tagged as biased law enforcers. Using police drone decreases the number of police officers committing an abusive act. Responding police officers to a crime scene will no longer commit aggressive force because there is a drone filming their operations.

6. Police Report Accuracy: Police drone improves blotter reporting after investigating a criminal incident. Recorded videos and photos provide accurate information on a criminal activity. Drones can confirm details when correcting reported incidents basing from a recorded video and photo.

Cons of Police Drones:

1. Short Battery Life: Police drones are not suitable for long police operations. The batteries run out after a few hours while documenting a criminal incident. Officers must replace another drone that is newly charged to continue with the documentation on the crime scene.

2. Video Manipulation: Videos and photos taken from police drones are easily manipulated. There is a video and photo editing software that can change the content of the media clip. Examples are cutting a video part, changing the photo presentation, and censoring a corrupt police.

3. Expensive: The police department has to provide billions of dollars to obtain one drone to every police personnel. The amount affects the total budget of the police department. Each drone cost between $50 and $150 per unit.

4. Hacking Risks: Law enforcement personnel operate police drones via internet access. Hackers can easily decode encrypted data to any network connected to a police drone. The device can affect police operation due to interrupting several computer systems.

5. Privacy Breach: Police operations are always associated with privacy breach that records anyone without their consent. This is because there are police operations that require concealed monitoring of private individuals. Law enforcement use police drones when spying individuals under watch list.

6. Corruption: There are police officers who use police drones for their personal purpose. The reason is to save money on the expense of the police department. The worst thing is when corrupt officers consider the drone as their personal property.


  • Check the drone’s functionality before using for police operations.
  • Police officers should handle the devices with care.
  • Use the drones only for police operations to a crime scene.
  • Never manipulate the actual footage or the photos that the drone record.
  • Police officers are required to explain the footage every after a criminal investigation.
  • Canvas the value of drones to all available drone shops and companies before buying the product.

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