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Drone inspection is fast becoming a major necessity especially in the real estate industry. Inspection can be anything from overall roof inspection of a house to a specific home area inspection. However, the choice of drone for your inspection job will depend on the nature of the job you want to do. We highlight 9 of the best drones you can use for home inspection.

1.    DJI Inspire

DJI Inspire

The DJI Inspire is one of the best drones for inspection thanks to the many features that can easily be integrated with the inspection needs of any operator. To begin with, the drone comes with a powerful HD camera that is designed to capture images from a distance and also shoot high quality videos. The drone also comes with an impressive 25 minutes of flight time coupled with a long 5 kilometer range that helps you stay on top of your inspection job for long.

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2.    DJI Matrice Pro

DJI Matrice Pro

The DJI Matrice Pro is a master drone used mainly by several construction companies thanks to its powerful features such as sensors and software processing capabilities that are not available in many other drone types. This drone is also a good choice for home inspection thanks to its automatic camera settings that have the capabilities of auto setting to fit different light environments.

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3.    Intel Falcon 8

 Intel Falcon 8

The Intel Falcon 8 was not built to be used by drone hobbyists hence the reason why it is best suited for home inspection. The drone comes with a complete inspection package that includes different cameras and thermal goggles. In addition to that, this drone is also fitted with a powerful battery that stores enough power to sustain a flight time of 27 minutes keeping you busy for the longest time without interruptions.

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4.    Lockheed Indago 2

Lockheed Indago 2

The Lockheed Indago 2 is a drone that comes with several payload options and advanced ground control software appropriate for agriculture and construction activities. This is why it is not meant for drone hobbyists but rather professionals who desire top quality results in terms of data. The drone comes fitted with a camera and has sensors all over it to help in detecting all the necessary information during your inspection tour.

5.    Aeryon Skyranger

Aeryon Skyranger

The Skyranger is one of the earliest drones to be developed for military use but has since made a smooth transition into the world of commercial use. It is a perfect fit for home inspection thanks to its powerful features that were meant for military use including a powerful battery that can sustain a flight time of over 50 minutes. The drone also features some powerful camera zoom capabilities that can help you get even the least visible details during your home inspection expedition.

6.    DJI Inspire 2

DJI Inspire 2

Like its smaller brother, the DJI Inspire 2 comes as an improvement and a departure from the past with some extremely powerful features such as 5.2K camera and a flight range of 7 kilometers. In addition to that, the camera gives you the flexibility of getting several settings that will guarantee high quality data at all times. The drone also comes with great flight time of over 27 minutes thanks to the improved battery life which means you can stay on top of your project to completion.

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7.    DJI Phantom 4

DJI Phantom 4

The DJI Phantom 4 enjoys enormous support from all quarters thanks to its impressive customizable features that include a powerful auto setting 4K camera. The drone also comes with powerful in built batteries that the manufacturer claims can sustain up to 28 minutes of flight time. This, coupled with the 7 kilometers flight range gives you the flexibility needed to complete your entire project in ne sweep.

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8.    Yuneec Typhoon H

Yuneec Typhoon H

The Typhoon H still gives you the guarantee you need to shoot crispy images and record HD video footages at all times. With the in-built capability of shooting at 1080p and a 360 degree view of the entire area, the Typhoon H comes as a plus to all inspection professionals, not only for homes but for several other installations as well. The drone boasts of an impressive flight time of 25 minutes and a flight range of 5 kilometers.

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9.    GoPro Karma

GoPro Karma

Although this was a late entrant into the drone industry, it has come up as one of the best drones for use in home inspection. The best selling point for this drone is definitely the high definition camera that guarantees some of the best shots in the world of drones. While the battery life may not be that long, it has the capacity to get any project done within the specified time limit.

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