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Houston is a place with hundreds of tourist attractions that attract people all year round. With the many places to visit within the area, a drone trip here would make your trip even more memorable. We have highlighted a few areas in Houston where a bird’s eye would make more sense than if you visited without a drone.


1.    The Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo is one of the most visited Zoos in the United States with over 4500 animals from about 900 species. You can spend your day enjoying the beautifully landscaped grounds of the facility or better still enjoy a more close up view of the animals via a guided tour. While everybody else will be enjoying a 2D view of the area, your drone will guarantee you a 3 dimensional view from above.

2.    The Museum District

The Museum District

The Museum District is an area in Houston that is littered with a collection of galleries, museums and cultural centers within a 1.5 mile radius of Hermann Park. You will be able to see the Museum of Fine Arts which houses over 60,000 pieces of art on one end and the Health Museum which is home to Houston’s only 4D theatre on the other end. You will also see the Holocaust Museum and the Houston Center for Photography.

3.    Kemah Boardwalk

Kemah Boardwalk

Kemah Boardwalk is the largest Amusement/entertainment park sine the closure of Astroworld. It is an area that is largely made up of hotels and restaurants and is ideal for entire family entertainment. You will also enjoy some amenities such as train ride and some good meat from Stake house. When flying your drone over this area, it is best advised to keep it high and away from the population because the area has a lot of people all year round.

4.    Montrose


Montrose is Houston City’s only hub for vintage shopping and live music bands at all times. You will enjoy a diverse culture in this area and also get to see a lot of people going about their businesses. It is the ultimate definition of vintage living in a modernized setting. A drone will help you capture the reclaimed bungalows from above and give you a view of the city that no one else has seen before.

5.    Discovery Green

Discovery Green

Away from the normal busy streets of Houston City is Discovery Green, a green park that offers residents a ton of activities to engage in during the day. It is a 12 acre park that is made of entirely green grass that allows people to hold a variety of events in the area including concerts and even exercises to keep fit. Given the fact that the area has a lot of people each day, you will need to observe utmost caution when flying your drone over this area.

6.    The Galleria Mall

The Galleria Mall

The Galleria Mall is arguably one of Houston’s biggest shopping malls located at the center of the city. It attracts people from diverse backgrounds and is surrounded by some of Houston’s posh residential areas. The mall attracts a lot of people especially during the weekends and you are better of visiting the areas during the week if you intend to take great shots of the mall with a drone.

7.    Buffalo Bayou

Buffalo Bayou

Houston is best known for its concrete jungle with plenty of glass and concrete littering most of the city. But the Buffalo Bayou gives a well-deserved break from all this with its green areas and a breathtaking view of the downtown skyline. This area is mostly used by bikers who wish to unwind down the Bayou and would best be used with a drone especially if you intend to capture great views of the downtown Houston area.

8.    Art Car Museum

Art Car Museum

The Art Car museum is exactly what you think it is. It is a garage made up cars that have been painted with ornate paintings just for fan. The cars range from the vintage models to the latest models but each come with a unique artwork that keeps fans glued and taking pictures for hours on end. Besides the painted cars, the museum also gives viewers a glimpse into other forms of art including rotating art, photography and sculpture works. With your drone, you will be able to take great photos and shoot some beautiful footage of the museum from above.

9.    Market Square Park

 Market Square Park

The market Square Park is small in size but it is packed with just about everything. You will experience the serene park environment complete with a garden and a variety of restaurants where you will enjoy your meals. The garden looks beautiful especially when the flowers begin to bloom. A drone shot from above will give you a complete coverage of the entire area.

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