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Drones have slowly but surely found their way into the homes of enthusiast and curiosity seekers. What used to be a preserve of a few in the military has now become common place in each and every household. Several factors combine to make drones one of the coolest toys in the market today. One such factor is the flight time. The flight time ranges from a paltry 4 minutes to over 30 minutes of flight. So let’s find out which drones carry the trophy for the longest flight time in 2017.


HOLY STONE HS 170 (6-8 minutes)

The HS 170 is a high-end quadcopter with a price tag of not more than $50 depending on where you source it from. This drone is small in size and has a registered flight time of between 6 to 8 minutes in the air. The battery takes an average of 60 minutes to be fully charged although this may be longer. It is smaller in design and is best suited for beginners who are just getting to understand the world of drones.

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 MJX X101C

MJX X101C (8-10 minutes)

The X101C is another great drone when it comes to flight time. This drone has registered an initial flight time of 8 to 10 minutes in the air. It has a price tag of about $100 and this can be attributed to the fact that it also comes with a camera that has the capacity to shoot video quality up to 720p. This drone is best suited for beginners who are looking to strike a middle ground as far as price and performance is concerned.

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PARROT AR DRONE (12 minutes)

The AR Drone steps up as one of the best and standard drone from Parrot manufacturers. It is designed with four propeller guards that also make it easier to use indoors hence an ideal drone for beginners. It comes with an inbuilt camera and a flight time of about 12 minutes in the air. This time also varies depending on the type of battery that is fitted on the drone and could go as far as 20 minutes. This is a good model which offers a great price/performance ratio.

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UPAIR ONE  ( 18 minutes)

The UPAIR One is a drone that comes with a great build quality with an in built camera capable of shooting up to 4K videos. It also has a 7-inch display that gives high resolution images and videos for your benefit. With a 5400mAh battery, the drone can maintain a flight time of about 18 minutes in the air at a range of up to 500 meters from the controller. At a cost of about $50, these features stand out as one of the best there is in this category.

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DJI PHANTOM 3 STANDARD ( 20 minutes)

DJI have a reputation for some of the best and most sophisticated drones in recent history and the Phantom 3 is not any different. With an excellent build quality and a price tag of $500, the Phantom 3 boasts of an excellent flight time of approximately 20 minutes in the air. This combined with an excellent battery power and a high quality camera capable of shooting HD videos and images makes it one of the best drones in the Phantom series.

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YUNEEC Q500+ TYPHOON ( 20-22 minutes)

This is one of the many high end drones that are used by professionals for very serious undertakings and the price insinuates as much. The Q500 Typhoon can fly up to a height of about 8000 feet above ground and has a high battery capacity 6000mAh capable of sustaining flight time of between 20 to 22 minutes depending on the quality of the battery. It comes with an in-built camera with a couple of other features that enhance its performance and make it a preserve of professionals.

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The X-STAR effectively registers as one of the best performers when it comes to drone activities. The drone comes with a powerful 4K camera that can record images and videos at a range of up to 1.2 miles away from the controller. Additionally, the powerful battery that takes up to 1 hour to be fully charged can also sustain the drone’s flight for 25 minutes non-stop. Being a flagship model from AUTEL ROBOTICS, this is not a bad place to start from.

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DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO ( 25-27 minutes)

It does not come as surprise that the Phantom 4 pro features in this elite list of the best drone times of 2017. With a drone speed of 45 mph and a range of up to 7 kilometers away from the controller, the drone has a flight time of between 25-27 minutes. This together with several other high-end features including a powerful 4K camera make it one of the most sought after drones of 2017.

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DJI INSPIRE 2 ( 27 minutes)

This drone has a flight range of slightly above 7 kilometers from the controller and is fitted with a powerful HD camera complete with obstacle avoidance technology. It has a flight time of 27 minutes and in the air when the battery is fully charged.

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