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For many drone users, finding the best spot to fly is usually the biggest challenge. This is because for one to enjoy flying a drone, he must be out in the open free from obstacles and human traffic. There are also several rules and regulations that hinder free flying of drones. We have listed a few areas where you can comfortably fly your drone with all befitting conditions.


1. The Beach

the beach

Who wouldn’t want to fly a drone over the beach? Apart from just being a cool place to hang out, the beach is also one of the best places in terms of drone flying. The view from above when using a drone usually guarantees you a relaxed mood. Here, you will be able to see a lot of people having fun from above. Beaches are also a good place to fly a drone because they offer a huge space for you to fly. From one end of the beach to another, you will be able to capture enough details to last you a long time. However, make sure you stay far enough from the ground to avoid any collisions or accidents that may be problematic. Ensure you observe all the rules and regulations related to flying drones in that area.


2. The Plains

The Plains

Another beautiful and most convenient place to fly a drone is in the plains. You will encounter little to no obstacles during your escapade and you will be able to make maneuvers with your drones that would otherwise have been impossible in a different area. The best thing about flying in the plains is that there is very little resistance in terms of obstacles and the view is vast and breathtaking. A shot from above would be worth a million bucks.


3. The Mountains

The Mountains

Most people set out to fly their drones over mountainous areas because of the beautiful scenery from above. Drones with camera will mostly be the best to fly over such areas to make the most out of the view. When taking shots from above mountains, ensure to have your camera locked in place tightly if it is a detachable camera. However, mountainous environments are not conducive for first time drone users as they may end up damaging the drone in case of an accident.


4. The Oceans

The Oceans

Flying a drone over the ocean is a dream that most drone enthusiasts would pay anything for. This is because the view from above the ocean is not only breathtaking but also eye-opening. Not only will you be able to see the world from a completely different angle but you will also experience the thrill of ‘flying’. Flying drones over oceans requires some level of expertise because of the inaccessibility of the oceans in case the drones crashes. Also, keep in mind the fact that you will need more advanced and more powerful drones when flying over oceans.


5. In the Streets

In the Streets

Flying a drone in the streets gives a whole new perspective in terms of view of people’s daily lives. While this is not usually advisable, drone over streets gives a beautiful view of people walking and going their businesses on a daily basis. The idea here is to fly the drone high enough not to attract people’s attention but low enough to have a clear view of the details below. The standard rule of drone flying is that you must not go beyond 400 feet. So make sure you observe this rule.


6. Over Forests

Over Forests

While many people fear flying drones in forested areas, this is one of the best places to fly your drone. You must be an expert in drone flying in order to venture into this kind of place because you will probably lose your drone in the woods if you are not. For experts, there is the advantage of seeing the woods from a completely new perspective and the view is guaranteed to be breathtaking. In addition to that, you will also capture some details that are not commonly seen by everyone.

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