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Drones are special typical unmanned aircraft that are not meant for human use and they are made of complex engineering materials that are very light, and this is why drones fly conveniently in a safer and unrestricted place. These special aircraft are controlled by a remote ground control system and its whole system accommodates drone technology. Drones are equipped with a different state of the art technology such as infrared cameras and lasers, this modified feature keeps it in a better position to capture good aerial videos and photos of a given area. In the current drone technology, there are more investments in drone market, which is bringing huge advancement in existing old drones and as a result, there is new and new drones in the market every time. Drones are of different sizes and types depending on their area of use and in most cases, they are made of materials, that absorb vibration which minimizes the sound produced. The latest high technology drones are equipped with collision avoidance systems and other many features that give it an excellent flight model. Some special drones are used in risky environments to survey and that is why they are functional in military training. Some areas in Massachusetts are restricted for flying drones but some of the best places to fly a drone in Massachusetts are as follows;

1. Fitchburg Airport:
This airport is situated in Massachusetts, a few kilometers away from Boston, and is considered as one of the best and safer places to fly drones. The Fitchburg airport is unrestricted and one can fly drones here to take good aerial videos and pictures. This Airport has a mesmerizing view as it has big buildings meant for commercial businesses such as hotels and other recreational activities such as Fishing, Hiking, Boating, and Camping are offered here. Some learning institutions here are; Cushing academy and state college. This Airport stands to the best place to fly drones as one can get a capture of good pictures and videos without much interruptions.

2. City of Nantucket: This city is a small island in Massachusetts and it is such a great place to visit and it is considered as the best place to fly for Drone beginners. The city is well developed and it such a best place and safer to fly drones and some of the best places here are Lincoln Avenue, Easton Street, the orange street, Hulbert Avenue. One can have all kinds of photographic pictures and videos by flying drones all over the city’s restricted places. The city has also excellent public transportation and all this is why you can find many drones here.

3. Barnes Regional Airport: This Airport is a great place to fly in, as it such a conducive and attractive place. It has beautiful scenery and a great restaurant on the site. This natural beauty takes it as an ideal location to fly drones.

4. Cutler Park: This park is situated in need ham area in Massachusetts and mostly known as the largest freshwater marsh and it is home to wildlife. The park has very beautiful sceneries and it such an ideal location for drone flying as drone users can capture good aerial videos and pictures of natural scenery near the city.

5. Walden Pond: The pond is known as the home of Walden Pond and it has beautiful sceneries and some recreational activities are practiced here in this pond and most likely activities such as; swimming, boating, hiking, other recreational activities are much practiced. The beaches, pond, and other surroundings create an absolute framework for drone taping.

6. Bill martin field: The martin’s field in Massachusetts is such a great place to fly in, the field is of large acres of land and there is enough space to fly drones conveniently and also in this field there is River named ‘Charles River’ which runs through the field and it irrigates the whole field and a result there is evergreen vegetation that gives good view to the entire field and due to this scenic beauty the field is considered as an ideal location for drone flying.

7. Old Scituate Lighthouse: This region in Massachusetts stands to be a historic place and it is situated onshore of the Atlantic Ocean and most of the drone pilots like the stunning view of Atlantic Ocean that provides beautiful scenery as boat are offloaded and loaded at every point of departure and arrival and that is why the place is considered as best place for flying drones.

8. Salisbury beach: The beach is locally preserved for the whole state and it is situated on the shoreline of Atlantic and the area here is home to various species of bird and actually the incredible views of the ocean make it an ideal location for drone flying.

9. Dominic’s Diner: The place here has the best and big restaurant that provides the best quality food staff which are always available and it is such the best place to relax after flying drones and this is why many drone pilots consider here as an ideal location.

10. Hangar Dinner: The area is known as an excellent dinner with a great view of the airport and food provided here is best of quality and other surroundings here create a backdrop for drone footage.

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