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Auckland is the most populous urban area in the city of New Zealand and the region here is governed by Auckland councils and not all places are permitted to fly drones recklessly in this city. Though flying unmanned aircraft is something funny and enjoyable for the respective pilots, but first, they have to follow laws governing drone services. Specifically for safe public transport system here in Auckland, there are New Zealand aviation rules that govern drone pilots to fly considerably and responsibly and in the right way. Under the aviation rules, the drone pilots have to get permission before flying carelessly over the states’ property. This urban area is strictly under the laws, and there are specific places you can’t fly your drone, especially places like public cemeteries, designated dog areas in parks and other specific areas are restricted from drone activities. Drone pilots have to consider others by staying a considerate distance from their property, and always drone pilots are supposed to get the ideal location to fly drones safely. Here are the best places to fly to Drone Auckland.


1. Auckland Botanic garden:
The botanic park is such big as it covers large acres of land and generally, the park is preserved for public use, and it doesn’t include use of drones at every circumstance. The Auckland council requires drone pilots to get explicit permissions in line with civil aviation authority before operating in this garden. The botanic garden has a very beautiful view as it grows all species of plants and it is considered as an ideal location for drone flying as long as permission is permitted, under the rules, the drones are supposed to fly some meters high above to create a good environment for public use.

2. Ambury Regional Park:
Once the permission is granted to fly drones over this park, it is such a great opportunity for drone pilots as they can get a view of natural beauty in the park. The Park covers south of Auckland, and it is so big, and there is much space to do drone activities. The whole area in the park is covered with rocks, and also tiny caves and holes are found in the area. The area is also a great spot for bird watching especially big birds, and also the area is covered with high grass that gives mesmerizing view the whole park. The Ambury regional park is such a beautiful natural reserve, and the place is hence considered as an ideal location for drone flying.

3. Meola Reef reserve:
The reserve is in Auckland, and it is also the best to place to fly drones. The area is known as for vast geological reserves, and in the area, there is most extended lava flow in the volcanic field in Auckland city. The reserve also has a natural mangrove forest that covers almost the whole land. This reef is such beautiful, and the area is considered as an ideal location for drone flying as drone pilots can good aerial videos and pictures of the natural beauty around.

4. Western Springs outer fields:
The outer regions of western springs here in Auckland have a big stadium primarily used for rugby union and other different sports, and also occasionally it is used for various festivals in Auckland. The drone pilots like this place as they can take a good picture of this stadium, especially during sports competitions.

5. Mount Albert war Memorial Park:
The memorial park is a public reserve park and situated in the central region of Auckland; the park is restricted from other illegal activities. The park has a local volcanic peak that dominated the whole landscape. The park is also popularly known in Auckland as different events and exhibitions are done here. The drone is only allowed hereafter explicit permission in line with civil aviation authority is given, and actually, the park is such a beautiful and ideal place to get fun of drones.

6. Mount Wellington Domain:
Mount Wellington is situated downside of Auckland town, and it is a volcanic peak. The mountain is volcanic after it erupted some decades ago and there is deep crater existing in the mountain even now. The volcanic landmark is a popular spot for nature lovers and other photographers especially the drone flyers as the whole background provides attractive image and that is why drone pilots take this area an ideal location to get a view of those mesmerizing views.

7. Music point Esplanade reserve:
It is a natural heritage reserve in Auckland town, and it encompasses steep coastal cliffs that provide spectacular views to the entire landscape. It such a lovely place to go, as you can relax in in one of the harbors; browns island and enjoy a great spot on arrival and departure of ships. The area is such a right place for drone flying as you can take photographic images of the area.

8. Michael Joseph savage memorial park:
The Park has par anomic views of Auckland city, and it boasts perfect lawns and exciting part and eye-catching is that the entire landscape is of a good view and of high profile nature. The park is a popular spot for locals and tourist from the world’s globe. The location of the park is such a great place for drone pilots as they can get a capture of all the mesmerizing corners of the park.

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