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Over recent years, there has been a rising interest in the use of drones. There are different types and uses of drones and many people have found a good reason to invest in them. There are people who fly drones as a hobby or just to pass time. However, there are various rules and regulations which need to be adhered to and avoid issues with the federal laws. There are restricted areas or ‘no-fly’ zones and flying your drone there will be illegal.

So where can you fly your drone in Colorado?

Here is a list of legal places you can visit and have fun with your drone. You can also use a free B4UFLY smartphone app or AirMap app to find drone flying locations.


Places to fly:


1. Shoshone National Forest:

This is an ideal place to fly your drone. The forest covers 2.4 million acres giving you a wide area to fly your drone. The place offers beautiful scenery with a lot of recreational opportunities. You can fly your drone on the area and take an aerial view of the lakes and trees.

2. Dillon reservoir:

This is another place you can use to fly drone but you have to register the drone with Denver water authority to avoid confiscation of the drone. Using the drone controls, you can hover or slowly descend close to the water. You can take good footage for cool water wheel in Idaho Springs.

Dillon reservoir:

Commercial drones can collect water samples on pits left behind after mining operation to determine its quality.

3. Garnet Ghost town:

It is an abandoned mining town located about 11 miles from the Garnet Range road. The area has a lot of trails and can be the perfect place to perfect your drone flying skills

4. Bighorn Medicine wheel

This is a historic monument and is pretty good when looking it over the air. The medicine mountain national historic landmark is located in the Bighorn national forest. You can fly your drone over the area and film images of the large stone structure which are made of local white limestone.

You can also capture images of the porcupine falls in the Bighorn Mountains.

5. Mount Evans:

You can drive through the highest paved road up to the top of Mount Evans and fly your drone there. The road is usually closed during winter due to bad weather, therefore, be sure to check on it before driving there.

Mount Evans:

You can film the mountainous terrain and nearby Echo Lake.

6. Perrine Bridge

Perrine Bridge is next to Shoshone Falls and an ideal place for flying your drone. It provides you with beautiful vistas of the Snake River Canyon and a base jumper. You can legally fly your drone in the surrounding environment there.

7. Hanging lake:

This is another legal place to legally fly your drone. If you like hiking, you can bring your drone with you on this part of White River National Forest. You will be able to capture clear footage of the mountain lake that offers crystal clear water with gorgeous flowing waterfalls.

8. Devils Tower:

You can hike to the Devils tower and use your drone to capture 3D imagery at the top of the tower national monument. The view at the top is unforgettable and you will be able to capture images of the surrounding area.

Devils Tower:

9. Thistle Ghost Town

Thistle Ghost town is a small town with scattered structures which were abandoned after a landslide. It is a fun adventure place that you can visit and capture images of the scenery.

10. Wahweap Hoodoos:

Hoodoo weathered pillar was formed after a soft rock eroded leaving behind a harder rock. It may be difficult to hike up to the wahweap hoodoos rock but you can easily fly your drone around the area and capture images of the rock.

Wahweap Hoodoos:


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