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Every state has its own laws regarding the flying of drones and Michigan is not exceptional. Michigan drone laws, rules, and regulation including those enacted by FAA must be followed to avoid any trouble with the authority when flying your drone.

Michigan is a beautiful state with a lot to offer and great drone flying places.


Legal places to fly drone:

1. Belle Isle Park

Belle Isle ParkThis park is located in Detroit city and offers a serene and myriad island for drone flying. The park provides an open area and a great area for aerial photography and filming. You can capture the aerial view of James Scott Memorial Fountain or the Belle Isle Conservatory from above.

The downtown Detroit offers great scenery for viewing.

2. Glen Arbor Shoreline

You can fly your drone at the shoreline of Glen Arbor near Lake Michigan and enjoy the view of Sleeping Bear Dunes and the local legend. The sleeping bear dunes on the shore of Lake Michigan is a great spot for flying the drones.

3. Thunder Bay Marine Sanctuary

This marine sanctuary is a great place for divers who want to explore various silver shipwreck underneath. You can fly your drone next to the Lake shoreline and be able to see shipwrecks below the clear water.

4. Empire Quarry

Empire QuarryThis is an abandoned place where limestone was mined. The place is named empire quarry because the limestone mined was used to build the Empire State Building. This abandoned spot is great for flying drones.

5. Windmill Point Lighthouse

Windmill Point LighthouseWindmill Point Lighthouse is at the edge of Mariner Park at the Shore of Detroit River. This park provides you with a wide open area to fly your drones and have a fantastic view of the Riverwalk. You can capture a good view of the city and other interesting points along the riverfront. You can also be able to film the waterfront action, the maritime activities and the bustle of the Detroit city all at one spot. The historical structure of the waterfront scenery is something you don’t want to miss.

6. Roosevelt Park

Roosevelt ParkThis is located in Detroit Corktown. The park is evergreen and it is next to the old train station which acts as a great place to fly your drone. The beautiful structure around the train station and the background view of Ambassador Bridge offer unique drone footage.

7. Buzzards Roost Trail

If you like hiking, you can bring your drone with you and fly it across the Buzzards Roost hiking trail that runs across the Hoosier National Forest. You can also fly the drone along the shoreline of Lake Patoka.

8. Little Caesars Arena

Little Caesars Arena is one of the legal places to fly drones. You can capture the aerial view of the state-of-the-art technology of the Little Caesars building and its surrounding area. The arena not only a great spot to fly the drone but also has other fan amenities and a drone training center.

9. Ford Field

Ford FieldFord field is a multi-purpose stadium and it is the home of Detroit Lions club. Registered can use the field to fly the drones and get an aerial view of the surrounding area. Commercial drones are also being used to monitor the fields and gather some data for research work.

10. Ambassador Bridge

Ambassador Bridge is another great place you can fly your drone. Always make sure you’re not near the entry and exit of the bridge or on the US side otherwise, you can fly your drone in the area at any time.

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