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Drones are some of the best toys of the twenty first century thanks to technological advancement. Initially, drone usage was limited to special military operations and were deemed to be expensive to acquire. However, things have drastically changed and this is no longer the case. Below are some of the sneak peeks into the world or drones.

How far do drones fly?

Since the introduction of consumer drones, there have been continuous improvements on the part of manufacturers on how far a consumer drone can fly. Currently, most consumer grade drones are limited in their capabilities as far as the range is concerned. The highest recorded drone range is about 7 kilometers and a flight time of about 30 minutes. However, companies are working to ensure they create drones that will overcome range limitation by doing away with batteries and instead implementing the use of combustion engines.

How high do drones fly?

Different drones have the capabilities of flying to different heights. Depending on the nature and usage of the drone, some drones are limited in their height through installed software that prevent them from going beyond the stipulated height. Still, regulations by States and FAA in the USA limits drone flying to a height of 400 feet while the European Union puts a cap at 500 feet. However, some high end drones are known to fly up to a height of 3.4 kilometers or 11,000 feet above sea level.

How fast do drones fly?

Drones are not really meant to be fast depending on their usage. But recently, drone racing has gained traction as a sport among many millennials and this has necessitated the construction of drones that can attain very high speeds. Averagely, most drones will fly at a speed of about 35 mph to 40 mph. However, other high end drones may attain higher speeds of up to 60 mph. There are racing drones that have attained speeds of up to 80 miles per hour. Recently, Nissan built a drone named Nissan GT-R Drone that reached speeds of 115mph.

How far can military drones fly?

Military drones are the most sophisticated types of drones in the world today. They have recorded some of the best endurance record, which is a very elusive characteristic as far as aerial drones are concerned. Military drones can stay airborne for up to 7 days straight and have the capacity to lift great loads of up to 400 lbs. Most military drones can fly as far as 25,000 kilometers at an altitude of 65,000ft.

How high can military drones fly?

Military drones are used in very special military operations and are therefore designed to withstand some of the worst conditions while in the air. The rules and regulations that apply to personal drones do not apply to military drones and this means they can fly to unlimited heights depending on their capabilities. The best military drone that has achieved the highest altitude so far is the Global Observer UAS that was flown to 65,000ft above ground level.

How high can personal drones fly?

Personal drones are drones that are mostly created and designed to be flown for recreational purposes. For this reason, they are usually limited in their altitude for safety purposes. One of the safety requirements for flying a personal drone is that you must keep it within sight at all times. The US safety regulations require that you must not fly your drone above 400 ft from the ground. The European Union insists that you must not go beyond 500 ft. However, this does not mean that personal drones cannot fly beyond this height. The highest recorded height of a personal drone was at 11,000 ft.

How far can RC Drones fly?

Remote controlled drones are drones that are controlled by a remote controller that is usually under the care of the pilot from the ground. Being that they are controlled by radio signals, these signals are usually limited in radius and this means that there is a limit beyond which the drone cannot go because of lack of the radio signals. However, most RC drones have an average flight range of 1- 2 miles. Most high-end RC drones may record flight ranges of up to 7 kilometers.

How do drones fly?

Drones are made from very light materials to reduce the weight used in their construction and therefore make flying easy. Flying a drone works on the principle of physics where when the rotors are powered and they start to rotate, they push air downwards. Once the air is pushed downwards, it will push the drone upward and the drone will be suspended in the air. That constitutes the upward motion. The forward motion is achieved by increasing or decreasing the rotation rate of the motors on each rotor and the net force is what thrusts the drone forward.


You are now conversant with the basic tenets and facts about drones. Be sure to always read the laws and regulations that guide drone usage in your locality before venturing out to fly a drone.

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