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If you live in the area around San Francisco, you might want to find out some of the best places to fly your drone. Like all the other states and locations across the United States, San Francisco has areas that are guided by specific drone rules and regulations that must be observed. Care needs to be taken when flying drones around this area. Here are some of the best places in San Francisco for you to enjoy your drone.

1. Jade Studio Productions building 41

Jade Studio Productions building 41

The Jade Studio Productions is a photography house that offers photography services to weddings, birthdays and other celebratory events. It is located close to a beach that offers breathtaking views especially if you have to view it from above. It is a prime location for flying your drone because of the water body that is adjacent to the building. Because of the high traffic of people around this area, it is advisable that you observe all the set out regulations regarding drone flying in this area to avoid any run-ins with the law.

2. Monster Park

Monster Park

Monster Park was originally referred to as Candlestick Park. It is the home of the American Football team known as the San Francisco 49ers and is not only a home for the team but also a monument for the city. The stadium was built-in 1958 and has an extremely rich heritage. For instance, The Beatles performed their last concert for paying fans in this very stadium in 1966. You cannot visit San Francisco and not come to the Monster Park. An aerial view of the park will give you exciting views of the stadium and its surrounding. A drone will capture jaw-dropping views of the monument in the middle of the city.

3. Indian Basin

Indian Basin

The Indian Basin in San Francisco provides one of the best views a drone will ever capture. This is because the area borders a shoreline and densely populated area that shows a magnificent contrast between the water and the city. Here, a drone will give you some of the best views especially from above where you will see a lot of people engaging in various recreational activities. Be sure to keep track of the drone while you are flying it because there is a high traffic of people in this area and there is a great risk of an accident.

4. U.S Army Engineer Torpedo Station Building 262

U.S Army Engineer Torpedo Station Building 262

The best part about this building is that it is adjacent to the bay area which gives awesome breathtaking views especially from above. Flying a drone in this area not only gives you great views and footage but also captures some great detail about the area that might not have been possible with a normal camera. Being that it is adjacent to the shoreline, its close proximity to the water means that you must be able to keep the drone away from people as much as possible. There is a high traffic and movement of people which will require you to be extra careful when flying your drone here.

5. Pier 70 – Building 2

Pier 70 - Building 2

This building lies just next to the beach and features several storeys upwards. From here you can be able to see plenty of details regarding the city on one side but also have unlimited access to the water on the other side. While the presence of the building and the adjacent building do not make it easier for inexperienced drone flyers, one is able to capture great views of the nature on land and the water all at once. The area boasts of great flora and fauna which can be seen quite clearly from above. Using a drone here will give you breathtaking views of all these details without effort. However, bear in mind that the area is also densely populated and will require that you observe extra care while flying around here.

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