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The use of drones is increasing with over 1000 CASA Remote Piloted Aerial System (RPAS) operators. The Australian civil aviation regulatory require trained remote drone pilots fly responsibly under the aviation regulation.

The laws are quite restrictive on where you can fly the drones. If you live in Sidney and its environments, there are various signs on areas where you can fly the manned aircraft. If near the airport, you can’t fly drones which weigh more than 100 grams.

Most of the Sydney Harbor and national parks are off-limits to all kinds of drones to avoid interference with the local environment, scaring people and collisions.

Using “Where can I fly drone” map of Sidney can be challenging. Some areas in the map say you can fly here but once there you get the warning sign of “you cannot fly here”. Google maps can also be used to find areas you can fly the drone.

To make your work easier you can download “where you can and can’t fly” app from the play store for both iOS, Android and Windows. The app guides you on specific areas where you can fly the drone to avoid collision with light aircraft, helicopters, and disturbance to people.


Drone flying areas:

1. Outer western Sydney: If you live in the outer Western Sydney, you can legally fly your drone in various areas in exception of hospitals or near the helicopter air pads.

2. Bluepoint Reserve: This is a secluded park in north Sidney where no one really goes to the park. It can be a good spot for your adventure and also get a chance to fly your drone.

3. Hornsby: Hornsby has a quarry area which provides you with a good spot to fly your drone and take good shots of the area.

4. Brooklyn: This is another Kangaroo areas which enable you to take clear snapshots of the vantage points within the environment.

5. Melbourne city: While in Melbourne, you can fly your drone although you have to look for several helipads like hospitals which prohibit you from flying the drone in that area. Rocket is one of the best interesting spots for flying drones.

6. Wedding cake rock: The wedding cake rock down south is also another place you can comfortably fly your drone without any collision or being penalized for flying in restricted areas.

7. Bondi beach: You can fly your drone along the Bondi beach as long as you keep it under 30 meters high to avoid collision with patrol aircraft. You also have to fly it 30 meters away from the people to avoid drawing attention. This allows you to take amazing photographs and still video in the surrounding environment.

8. Barangaroo reserve: It is located behind the Rocks place which is known for its nightlife. The Barangaroo doesn’t have a direct line of sight with the harbor bridge but it is one of the best places you can visit and fly your drone.

9. Mrs. Macquarie’s chair: If you’re a professional remote pilot aerial system operator, you can seek approval from the harbor to fly the drone across the bridge direct line of sight adjacent to the opera house.

10. Dawes point: This is the best place to fly the drone. It is located under the bridge harbor and allows you to have a direct line of sight view with the bridge. You can seat at the secluded area in a restaurant at the end of the pier and control your drone from there.


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  1. Barangaroo Reserve is off limits. Tried it there and was told off by security. It’s a no fly zone.

  2. Locations 2, 8, 9 & 10 are all in a controlled air zone where it’s illegal to fly drones according to Wedding Cake Rock is in a National Park, and it’s illegal to fly in national parks without written permission.

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