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What is drone wedding photography?

Drone wedding photography is the use of drones to capture your special moments at your wedding ceremony instead of the usual ground photography. Drone photography has been on the upward trend in the recent times and it is easy to understand why. Drones take some of the most spectacular photos and videos from above and this is why most people have embraced the idea of using drones to cover their most important moments.

It is important to let the photographer or the drone pilot have absolute control of the drone during these moments to avoid any accidents that are unnecessary. Drone pilots are professionals who understand the working of the drone and know exactly what to do in case anything goes wrong. In addition to that, also ensure you study the rules of drone flying in your area before getting a drone photographer to cover your wedding.


Drone wedding photography price or cost

The demand for drone wedding photography is on the rise and this has also pushed the price and cost of getting this service. This is more so because besides the shooting and editing costs of drone photography, there are so many other factors that need to be considered when hiring a drone photography service. Some of the cost factors to be considered when getting this service include the license cost of flying the drone in your area if you need to get a license for the same. You will also need to know whether you are getting your own drone pilot or you are hiring the pilot as well. Most packages for this service come with a professional pilot so this should not be a cause for alarm. However, this will also affect the overall cost of the service. Another factor to be considered is the cost of the drone itself. You will also need to know whether you will be hiring the drone itself or whether you have your own.

When all these factors are considered, you will find that the ultimate cost of drone wedding photography will be relatively higher than the conventional photography. However, the outcome will be worth the cost. Most packages will charge wholesomely for the entire service while others may choose to split the costs into various items. You should make a budget of $450 – $1000.


Best drones for wedding photography

DJI Phantom 4


This drone has the best build quality and comes with friendly features that can easily be used during events. It has a powerful 20MP camera that shoots videos and images in 4K quality. It also comes with a relatively higher flight range which means you do not need to move with it as you take photos and videos. It has a powerful battery that can keep it in the air for about 27 minutes which gives you enough time to capture all the best moments.

DJI Inspire 2 Combo


The DJI Inspire 2 combo fits this list perfectly thanks to its great camera quality. We are talking 30MP camera that shoots very high-definition videos and photos of the event. In addition to that, the drone boasts of a high flight range of about 7 kilometers which gives you enough room to cover the entire event from one location. The fact that it also comes with a 27 minute flight time means you have all the time to capture all the best moments.

DJI Phantom 3


This drone is as good as the older brother Phantom 4. The only difference is that the older brother has more advanced features but that does not in any way mean this is any less in terms of performance. It has a 12MP camera that can shoot great videos and capture high quality images of the event. It also comes with a relatively high flight range of 4 kilometers and a flight time of 25 minutes which means you will not run out of space and time for taking your best pictures.

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